Gender Female
Age 20
Birthday July 05
Cutie Mark Cloud-covered yellowish moon with sound waves
Mane/Tail Colour Navy blue/Pale blue
Coat Colour Light grey
Eye Colour Orange/amber
Creation Date July 05, 2013


Echo was one of the first bat ponies created by /mlp/ within the first bat threads on /mlp/. She was a collaborative effort between several Anons, taking almost three threads to create. Her design came into fruition on July 5th, 2013 and was refined in the next thread on July 6th, 2013. She is often seen as the thread's mascot, and has some popularity outside of /mlp/. Someone even made her into a plushie.

Her personality is often portrayed as silly and playful, sometimes mischievous. A bit eccentric, but always upbeat and uplifting. She likes to eat a lot, especially really sweet and exotic fruits like lychee and mangoes. In more serious instances in stories of her appearance, she is usually a bit more assertive.

In the earliest one-shot stories involving her, she was often portrayed as trying to trick Anon into falling asleep so she could draw his blood, uninhibited.

Echo is best friends with Shidsen Fards, and regularly huffs her farts for erotic pleasure. It is because of this that she smells like a poot.



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