Rosewood bedroom eyes by vectorvito-d6nk19b
Gender Female
Age 18-20
Birthday August 31
Cutie Mark Roses and vines shaping a heart
Mane/Tail Colour Red/Maroon
Coat Colour Beige
Eye Colour Deep blue
Friends/Relatives: Nightlight (Friend/Rival)

Dusk Dancer (Friend)

Creation Date August 31, 2013


Rosewood is not a bat pony, but rather, a vampony or thirster (a blood-drinking pony). She was created on August 31st, 2013 by Eppy for the bat threads.

In "Knight's Nightlight", she attacked the Castle while Nightlight and Anon were training and got captured. She was put under the charge of Anon and Nightlight as a prisoner, while being allowed to feed on Anon. Initially an enemy (blood drinkers are taboo), while her history and reasoning unfolds to Anon and Nightlight, they begin to sympathize  with her. Despite her blood-drinking nature, she loves life and is unfamiliar with combat.



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